Projects can vary greatly but all have one thing in common: they have wilderness as their subject and/or they support wilderness conservation. Music- and art projects, art exhibitions, events, films, concerts, workshops, publications, lectures, educational programs and multi-disciplinary special projects all fall within the wide range of possibilities. Our initial project is a documentary film that explores and clarifies the connection between art, wilderness and people.

For this purpose we are interviewing a range of people around the world to find out how art (stories, music, rituals, visual arts, poetry, dance etc.) can become a more vital tool in the effort of wilderness conservation. It’s not just about saving wildlife, it’s getting people to understand the connection to wildlife and wild lands.

Meet our creative team

So far we have filmed in Hawaii, India, Portugal, USA, Canada, South-Africa and The Netherlands. We are also writing and recording part of the music for the documentary.