1. Tall Trees

From the recording Tall Trees


Tall Trees 
We walk in the rain
Hand touching hand
Lost in our thoughts
The voices within                       
They whisper no more  
It’s all been said before
Gathering Clouds
Call out to choose
A different path
Empty of worry
That love will always last
Grateful for all that has passed
I just know
Long after life’s
Sweet treasure is gone
These tall trees
Will stand
That’s all I know
And Long beyond passion ends
Skies will still expand
The oceans will kiss the sand
That’s all I know
Open our hands
If we need to be held
Move from within
And let the journey begin
Who knows where life leads us                       
No need to decide
Embrace the unknown ride
Our Love means everything
And means nothing all the same
Can’t we be humbled by the mystery
We are just traveling through
From eternity
To eternity