Last week I found myself at my local pet store. Usually when I pay for dog food, the staff automatically loads up points to my super savings card. I like the place and am known as a regular there.

This time around however, I am in for an unpleasant surprise. The woman at the checkout greets me with a friendly nod, but as my eyes glance over to the left I see something on the counter that my brain can’t immediately place. A medium sized bin with about twenty objects sticking out - but what are they? 

I move…

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A Wild Trail 

Tucked away in Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, close to Durban South Africa, resides the Wilderness Leadership School. Within the yellow walls of its charming old building lives a vision that is both refreshing and urgent in today’s fast-moving society: a unique concept and experience called Wilderness Trail.    
Many will raise their eyebrows hearing what this concept entails. To enter a wilderness area from the relative safety of a four-wheel-drive safari jeep is one thing.  But to actually walk into… Read more

African Treehouse 

It is dark. Pitch dark.

A tall man of the Tsonga people called Amos has driven me two miles out from my camp at Timbavati, a reserve adjacent to Kruger park. After our bumpy journey the jeep comes to a stop at the foot of a ladder. I shine my torch up and see a simple platform built in a tree. I will call this home for the coming night.   

My possessions are limited to a toothbrush, a book and a warm sweater. Amos follows me half-way up the ladder, puts a radio in my hand and makes me test it. While he…

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India: A Story of the River of the Tiger 

Written by Jan-Willem Oomen

A Story of The River of the Tiger


Fifteen years ago, tigers in the southwest of India were in trouble. Since then, a remarkabe transformation has taken place, unexpectedly helped by the occasional wildlife enthousiast. There are tigers in abundance now, in Nagarhole National Park. The art of storytelling plays a key role here, and visitors from around the world pass those stories on.


So this must be what it feels like. Being an explorer. Standing on the banks of the Kabini…

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Hawai'i: The start of a documentary 

Written by Ellen van den Honert
How does one cut a 45-ton humpback whale free from entanglement in fishing gear?

"First, do NOT get into the water!"
  This is what Ed Lyman told us when we met him in Kihei, on the island of Maui, Hawai’i. Over the years, he and his team developed a boat based technique, that has freed over 1200 large whales worldwide. Even though this is an impressive number, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more whales getting entangled, and for some populations… Read more

Working in the studio 

Written by Ellen van den Honert

It's always such a special moment, to see (and hear) a song come alive in the studio.
This time was no exception, being in Frank Martin's studio in San Rafael, California. And with such talented people present, recording is also a very creative time!

We finished and recorded the song about the Hawaiian humpback whales. 
It is called 'Koholalele', hawaiian language for 'Jumping Whale'. 

Tony Lindsay (lead singer of Santana) recorded the lead vocal, and did so beautifully!


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Kickstarter campaign successful! 

The Kickstarter campaign has been successful on different levels. About a hundred backers funded the project!
This means the creative team is now able to start the process of songwriting and filming. We are all very excited about lifting this project off the ground!

But the success doesn't end there.

A supportive community has been created that has the potential to grow to a much bigger community.
Also, many new interesting and valuable connections have been made during and after the campaign. People from the…

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Prize Winner University of Amsterdam Alumnus Prijs 2018

The making of our documentary won an encouragement prize at the University of Amsterdam. The prize is meant for alumni who make a valuable contribution to society and are capable of inspiring others. 



Geert van Dam, president of University of Amsterdam's executive board, hands the 3rd prize over to Ellen van den Honert.

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Having been the basis of all our sophisticated society, doesn’t wilderness itself have a right to live on?


~ Mardie Murie